Addon Data Services Inc., is a services company started in Kansas City, Missouri in 2002. It provides professional services to small and medium-sized businesses and offers its' customers increased efficiency and reduced down times, due to our ongoing focus on operations excellence, efficiency, visibility and the control needed in the services industry. As a services company provider, we provide end-to-end details, implementation and operation of general accounting solutions in monthly accounting, taxes and payroll services management to our clients.   Read More >>


Our Services:

With informed business decisions we provide our clients with accurate financial information by presenting them with timely financial statements at the level that serves their business needs. We offer simplified monthly reports and statements to provide quick and accurate picture of your business operations. 

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Fiduciary Statement:

Our services clearly depend upon your honest representation of your accounting needs. At Addon Data Services, Inc., we are all about our customers' satisfaction within the legal limits.

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Potential Solutions:

Some problems are just too big to handle on your own. Let the experienced accountants at Addon Data Services, Inc. help you solve your tax problems -- and help you get your life back!

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Our Practice

Let our experienced accountants, tax and payroll experts streamline your business processes. Absolutely No Obligation! Call: 816.547.1596 or 816.822.2722 For A Free Phone Consultation!


"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

Willa A. Foster


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the IRS put me in jail for not filing my tax returns or for owing back taxes? The answer is: �No, in most situations, you will not go to jail for not filing your tax return or or not being able to pay your taxes.