Addon Data Services Inc., is a services company started in Kansas City, Missouri in 2002. It provides professional services to small and medium-sized businesses and offers its' customers increased efficiency and reduced down times, due to our ongoing focus on operations excellence, efficiency, visibility and the control needed in the services industry. As a services company provider, we provide end-to-end details, implementation and operation of general accounting solutions in monthly accounting, taxes and payroll services management to our clients. From our services standpoint we provide the right solutions for you and we truly believe we have the best result-oriented people in the business, who are passionate about making your operations less costly, efficient and excellent. In our efforts to serve you better, we keep abreast of the changes in government policies regarding your business and personal tax matters. At Addon Data Services, Inc., we invest our time to understanding your business needs and apply proactive measures to support your success.

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7530 Troost Ave, Suite 301
Kansas City, MO, 64131.
Tel: 816.822.2722
Mobile: 816.547.1596
Fax: 866.491.0465
email: addondataservices@yahoo.com
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