With informed business decisions we provide our clients with accurate financial information by presenting them with timely financial statements at the level that serves their business needs. We offer simplified monthly reports and statements to provide quick and accurate picture of your business operations.


With the day to day drudgery of business activities and operations, we provide precise bookkeeping services to our clients by keeping and maintaining their daily, weekly, monthly etc. diverse business transactions, activities and operations. More so, we help our clients with bank reconciliations -- Careful comparisons and proofs of your bank account balances with your check books or check register balances during monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and yearly cut off intervals to ensure you are working with the correct bank balances. 


With our continuous program of tax planning and preparation, we provide and always deliver fast, accurate, trustworthy and professional services to our clients. We are a new generation providers of electronic tax filing services and all of the Federal and States� tax forms that can be electronically filed with the IRS and various States� departments of revenue are supported in our software. With the ever changing tax laws, our expertise and experience can be of immense value in preparing your individual and business federal, state and local tax returns and file them accordingly.


We provide very reliable, less expensive, confidential, cost-effective and professional payroll services than the big name companies and our clients� payroll services are processed and customized based on each client�s needs. It is fast, efficient and trouble-free. We eliminate the tedious task of payroll processing in your office and it is a natural progression of the monthly financial reporting and tax services we provide. Provide us the opportunity to help you make more profitable use of your business days by assisting with this critical but time-consuming task. Our Services produce professional, computer-generated checks and direct deposits for your employees and all related tax agencies and other payments, along with a variety of available payroll reports and analyses. We also assist you in setting up and remitting withholding taxes to the appropriate government agencies for the monthly, quarterly and yearly filing and reporting requirements. With our Complete Payroll Services, payroll is no longer a tasking process. It is an integral function of your business operations. Year end delivery of W-2s, W-3s, 1096s and 1099s are all part of our package.


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