Potential IRS Solutions for your IRS Problems


Some problems are just too big to handle on your own. Let the experienced accountants at Addon Data Services Inc. help you solve your tax problems and help you get your life back! •    Our experienced accountants have over seventeen (17) years of experience dealing specifically with IRS tax problems and over twenty three (23) years experience dealing with general tax matters and tax issues. •    Because each tax problem is unique, the solution to each problem is unique. At Addon Data Services, Inc., we can develop a solution that is specific to your particular situation -- a solution that addresses your specific needs and concerns. We do not attempt to apply a universal solution to every problem. •    For your convenience, we have provided a summary of some of the more common solutions to taxpayer problems.


Installment Agreements:

A standard installment plan does not reduce your overall tax debt; instead, it allows you to pay your existing tax debt over a period of time. The benefit of an installment plan is that as long as you are making your monthly payments on time (and you are meeting all of your other tax obligations), the IRS cannot take aggressive collection action against you (e.g., no wage garnishments, no bank levies, etc.). If you owe more than a certain amount, the IRS will require that you submit financial information to them so that the IRS can determine how much you can afford to pay on a monthly basis. Again, the key to obtaining a reasonable monthly payment is proper analysis of your financial situation and to the appropriate submission of your financial information to the IRS. At Addon Data Services, Inc., we can help you qualify for the lowest monthly payment allowed by law. Our experienced accountants have been helping taxpayers successfully obtain installment agreements for over fifteen years.

Tax Levies:

After the IRS has issued all its required notices and taxes are still unpaid, the IRS may begin to take your assets. This is known as a tax levy. Tax levies can take many forms, such as wage garnishments, levy on bank accounts, and even seizure of physical assets. If you have received an IRS´ Notice of Intent to Levy, you should take immediate action to protect your assets. At Addon Data Services, Inc., we can take action to protect your assets from IRS levy. BUT you must act quickly. The tax law only gives a short window after you receive such a notice in which you can assert your rights under the law. And even if you have missed this short window, you can still take action to stop aggressive IRS collection action. Contact us today for your free consultation to determine the best way to stop the IRS aggressive collection tactics and get your life back. Remember: Stopping IRS levies before they occur is much easier than removing them after they occur -- and much less expensive too.

Collection Statute Expiration:

As a general rule the IRS can collect taxes, penalties and interest during a ten year period which starts with the assessment of the tax (usually the filing of the return). This ten year period can be extended under several circumstances including the filing of an Offer in Compromise or Bankruptcy. We may be able to force cancellation of tax, interest and penalty if this collection period has expired. We may also be able to obtain a release of any lien that has been filed for the expired collections period. Your tax debt is really old, call us today to see if this solution might be appropriate for you.

Penalty Abatements:

If you do not file your taxes on time or pay your taxes on time, the IRS can (and usually does) assess a penalty against you. These penalties can add more than 25% to the amount of tax owed. In some circumstances, these penalties can be forgiven if you have a good reason for not filing or paying your taxes. As an added bonus, if the penalty is canceled, the interest related to the penalty is also canceled. At Addon Data Services, Inc., we can help you determine if you qualify for penalty abatement.

Tax Liens

The IRS issues tax liens to protect the governments´ interest when you have unpaid taxes. These tax liens are a matter of public record and are filed with the county clerk in which you live (or your business operates). These tax liens can destroy your credit and make it difficult or nearly impossible to borrow the funds to pay off your tax debt. Unfortunately, once a valid tax lien was issued, it is difficult to remove until all the taxes are paid. Levies and liens are usually the IRS´ last resort in collection. At Addon Data Services, Inc., we can help you remedy this threatened course of action.

If you have received an IRS Notice of Intent to Levy or Lien contact us today for free consultation.


Unfiled Tax Returns:

If you owe taxes, the law requires that you file a tax return. For various reasons, some taxpayers do not file their tax returns by the due date. Many people believe that if you cannot afford to pay your taxes, you should not file tax returns. This is not true. Filing accurate tax returns is usually the first step in solving your tax problems. Whatever your reasons for not filing your tax returns, we can assist you with filing all the required returns and create a solution to your tax problems.

If you do not voluntarily file a return, the IRS may file a return for you. The worst thing about the IRS completing your tax return for you is that your tax will be computed in favor of the IRS. Even if this has happened to you, you may still file a voluntary return to take advantage of all deductions and credits to which you are entitled.

Other tax related matters:

We can also assist you with many other tax related issues such as payroll, sales and property taxes. Do you owe state taxes as well? We can help. Call us today to discuss your tax problem.

Whatever tax problem it is - there is a solution. Successfully dealing with the IRS requires knowledge of the tax system and, more importantly, an understanding of the IRS. At Addon Data Services, Inc., our accountants are experienced, skillful and knowlegeable to obtain the best results for you while dealing with your tax problems.


An IRS Audit or Exam is when the IRS attempts to verify your income and deductions taken on your tax return. IRS audits can be extremely time - consuming, at best, and horribly stressful and intimidating, at worst. The best way to reduce the time, intimidation and stress of an audit is to hire someone who is experienced at dealing with the IRS. At Addon Data Services, Inc., we cannot only help you survive your audit, but perhaps even thrive after the audit is complete.

We believe that if you are or are about to be audited by the IRS, you should be represented by someone who is skilled and experienced in audits...not necessarily the person who prepared your return. Most tax preparers are very good at what they do - preparing tax returns. But most of them are not experienced in dealing with the Examination Division of the IRS.

The best chance to protect your interests and to minimize future problems is to have skilled representation right from the beginning of your audit. Most of our audit clients never meet with the IRS. We understand the tax laws and we know how to use it to your advantage. If you have already been audited and disagree with the auditor, you may have appeal rights. If you have new information or new facts to support your position, you may be entitled to a second audit - an Audit Reconsideration.

If you have received an audit notice, you should contact us immediately. If you are involved in any way in an audit, call us. We can help you determine your best course of action. Why do battle with the IRS without a qualified tax accountant on your side? The IRS has thousands of accountant on its side - working to make sure the IRS collects as much money as possible. You need an experienced accountant working for you.

Appellate Division Review:

Like any large government agency, the IRS has several levels of bureaucracy. In some cases, when dealing with the first level of bureaucracy, the taxpayer may not get a favorable result. When this happens, many times, we are able to successfully appealed to the Appellate Division of the IRS and obtain a much more favorable result for taxpayer. Using our experience, knowledge and skill, the experienced accountants At Addon Data Services, Inc., have successfully appealed numerous decisions to be IRS Appellate Division.